About Us

We're a creative EDM Music Record Label from Miami'

True artist development

We're a creative record label.

Our vision

In today’s environment, it is easier than ever to have your music heard online, but harder than ever to get noticed or properly placed online.

Our mission

We maintain a consistent level of mutual respect and attention to detail with our artists. We understand the creative process. We guide our artists, but we also listen!! In some cases we are actively involved in the music publishing and help to maximise income through proper collection efforts and placement of songs in all forms of media and advertising. We pride ourselves in maintaining close, cohesive relationships with our artists, and our staff. It is our goal to not only develop artists, but to develop long, mutually rewarding relationships that are long term. True artist development.


We believe in power of unity and its impact in future.

We are excited to be able to work with new talents in electronic music and show the world what you have. Together we will provide quality music that achieves an impact on the stage and that lasts over time. Only then will we have done our job well.