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Our top producers on Batuque Music

D+D Brothers
D+D Brothers Dj Duo and Producers
Daurthi Sune DJ & Producer
DMank Dj & Producer
Manzee Dj & Producer
Gabriel Robella
Gabriel Robella Dj & Producer
Louis Adams
Louis Adams Dj & Producer
Miami Alien
Miami Alien Dj & Producer
Red Caviar
Red Caviar Dj & Produer
Siamese Siamese
Siamese Siamese Dj & Producer
Sonicspot Producer
Terry Cavalla
Terry Cavalla Dj & Producer
Vozz Rich
Vozz Rich Dj & Producer
Swords 4 Salem
Swords 4 Salem Dj Duo & Producers
Boomrise Dj & Producer
Damian Siurek aka Cyprus
Hugo Turrene
Hugo Turrene Dj & Producer
Batuque Music
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You don't need a group of super stars, you need a team working together to bring and release better music in the EDM industry.
Mark miller, Co founder, Batuque Music.
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