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What Groover does?.

Groover is a web platform, where artists can promote their music, conquer new audiences and meet potential future partners who can connect them with the best blogs, radios, and music pros looking for emerging talent. On Groover, artists send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlisters, and labels of their choice. They’re guaranteed that their music will be listened to, receive feedback and maximize their chances of getting press reviews, coverage on the radio / in playlists, and meeting with their future label or manager.

Since Batuque came to groover we started receiving a few messages to review music, not only to curate it and add it to our playlists, but also to help emerging composers and artists improve the quality of their music by giving feedback and seeing how it looks. They could release their unfinished track into a complete project and that both we and other labels could be interested in the artist's work..

So, then Batuque and Groover can help me with my unfinished track?
Margarite Robinson Article for Batuque
The response is yes, and here's how!.

So far we have given more than 200 reviews on Groover and all of them have been 100% responded. Not only do we receive orders repeatedly from the same artists, but they send us messages with updates on the finished tracks and are happy telling us that they have already signed it or that thanks to us their work sounds more professional. Many times when producing we do not realize some small details that we can include in the track to make it more innovative or better structured.

Contact us via Groover by clicking this link and we will be listening to your next track and seeing if we can sign it to our label or see what we can help you improve your track!

We're on Groover to help new artists.
Hire us on Groover today and receive your feedback!

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