By Margarite in Marketing on April 2024

Marketing tips and tricks for your latest release.

Create an ongoing strategy.

Music marketing all starts with building a fanbase and having an online presence. Building a fanbase nowadays is very much centered around creating an identity on social media. In order to attract listeners to music, it’s important to have an engaging and active social media presence. Posting new music and updates regularly is key to building a relationship with fans.

Make sure to interact with your followers and engage in conversations. Additionally, creating unique and exciting content such as music videos and behind-the-scenes footage can help to attract new fans and keep existing ones interested. Networking with fellow artists and industry professionals is also important in order to reach new potential listeners. Ultimately, it’s all about connecting with people . You want to provide your followers with an enjoyable experience so they keep coming back for more.

The artist's world is limitless. It can be found any where far from where he lives or a few feet away.
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Which Platform Should I Promote My Music On?

Deciding where to showcase your music? Think about where your fans hang out. If your tunes are for everyone, Spotify and Apple Music are your jam. More of a visual artist? Hit up YouTube. For the new kids on the block and niche sound lovers, SoundCloud’s where it’s at. And if you’re dreaming of viral fame, don’t sleep on TikTok.

Look for opportunities to diversify.
So, Spotify is the key?

Imagine riding the waves of Spotify promotion like a musical pirate on a grand adventure!

It’s not just about belting out tunes; it’s about skillfully navigating the sea of playlists, hoisting your artist profile up the mast, and catching the gusty winds of audience analytics.

Set sail on this thrilling Spotify voyage and you might just discover new lands of listeners, gather a crew of dedicated fans, and make your mark on the bustling, tune-filled bazaar of the digital world.

And what about Youtube?

Here’s a little secret: while Spotify and its kin get all the hype, YouTube is the sleeping giant in the music world. Believe it or not, its audience dwarfs others. And guess what? You don’t need a high-budget music video to make waves here. Sometimes, a simple album cover video or a catchy lyric visual hits the mark just right.

But hey, keep it clean for YouTube! Even the slickest promotion wizards can’t conjure up viral hits if your video is swimming in explicit content. Keep it audience-friendly for maximum reach.