By Margarite in Promotion on April 2024

Important tips to receive free promotion on Spotify

Free promo by Spotify?.

Many of you will have noticed that on Spotify there are thousands of tracks of less than 3 minutes? Even 2 minutes and a few seconds?

This is because Spotify's algorithm knows that more than that time, many times people who listen to the music skip it and go to the next song in less than 3 minutes. Therefore, and to draw attention, many world-class artists, even DJS, are producing tracks of 2:59 maximum.

Even if you pitch a track for Spotify to promote, they only promote tracks under 3 minutes. If your track is 3:01, it is no longer included in that free promotion.

For this reason and to take advantage of Spotify's free promotion so that your track does not get skipped and people move on to another song, make a short radio version of less than 3 minutes and if you still want to make an extended version for DJS, So call it EXTENDED MIX.

We hope these tips help you reach more people with your music and take advantage of the free Spotify promotion.